Foundation Repair

Residential Home Remodeling Ventura CountyVery few contractors can perform the challenging work of foundation repairs and replacement.  This type of work is quite involved and requires specialized experience.

We have been in business over 35 years and have provide our contractor services to several remodels where the foundation needed work.

  • Replace existing “post and beam” foundations. These types of foundations are found on older houses and lift the home off the ground.  Older homes like this tend to sink, leaving an irregular floor that leans and dips.  Many of the jobs we helped with are because the lender financing the home will not finance it because it is not a qualified safe foundation.
  • Crack in the foundation of a home, Seismic RetrofittingLift the house and add a foundation. We have the capabilities and resources to lift an entire house to add a foundation.  On the hill in Ventura, we once successfully lifted an exclusive home 12 feet in the air and added a new lower level and foundation.  Not just any contractor can provide this level of service.
  • Seismic Retrofitting. Old homes built 100 years ago were built on rock and mortar foundations.  We were called in to lift a home built in 1896 on a rock and mortar foundation to replace it with a new cement foundation.  We completed the entire remodel of the home including the new foundation.